Idaho's Automotive Lobbying Organization

About USRI

USRI is a group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of automotive related hobby interests, for the entire State of Idaho, through lobbying with the legislature and other political entities and encouraging the exchange of information related to our hobby. This Organization was formed in 1979 when fifteen concerned individuals met to discuss problems for “street rodding” and other uses of classic and older vehicles. It was decided at that time to form an organization dedicated to help maintain and expand the interests expressed by the individuals who own these types of vehicles. (continued)

USRI was incorporated in 1982. Some major accomplishments since then include:

  • Definition of “Street Rod” as currently written into law
  • Street Rod plate was designed and approved
  • Improved titling laws (related laws have been modified several times)
  • Safety inspection guidelines were approved and became voluntary
  • Equipment requirements for older cars have been specified
  • Use of Blue Dot taillights for vehicles 30 years or older was approved
  • A law allowing pre 1935 vehicles to be driven without fenders (highboys) was passed
  • Antique and Classic plate laws have been rewritten
  • Ada County zoning regulations have been modified for the storing of non-running vehicles
  • Representation is provided for individuals with titling and registration problems
  • A close relationship between our organization and Transportation Department of Idaho
  • Single rear license plate law was approved for street rods, classic cars, old timer and year of manufacture plates.

USRI represents over 150 “car clubs” statewide, with over 800 individual memberships (not including spouses or significant others). The adage “united we drive, divided we park” has never been more meaningful than at the present. It is imperative that “automotive hobby enthusiasts” have a group representing their interests in these changing times, and USRI has taken the lead and will continue to represent people concerned with these issues, and the use of street rod, classic and older type vehicles.

From here we continue our goals and ask for your support! There is always discussion of putting more restrictions on older vehicles; of not allowing storage of cars on private property; or changing laws to benefit other special interest groups that do not understand The interests in older vehicles. We strive to make sure our collective voices are heard to protect your interests. In any upcoming legislative sessions, we intend to continue to support issues to preserve our hobby or debate the ones that will hurt us. On the reverse of this information sheet is a membership application. Please support your hobby and join our organization and efforts to keep this great hobby around for generations to come.

Fax/phone # 208-377-0344 * E-mail:

USRI officers

President Vice President Legislative Liaison
Bryan Hartman
Phone: (208) 571-6210
Scott Wallace
phone: (208) 899-2030
Joe Colley
phone: (208) 467-3987
Secretary/Treasurer Directors Webmaster
Jan Eggleston
phone: (208) 377-0344
Gino Raga
phone: (208) 761-0165 

Tim Strouse
phone: (208) 853-3518

Kevin Eggleston

1979 Founding Members
“T” William Balding, Boise
Vince Hinman, Pocatello
Bob Barton, Twin Falls
D. Lynn Humphries, Pocatello
Jim Bolton, Twin Falls
Roger Littleford, Idaho Falls
Dick Cox, Weiser
John Mason, Twin Falls
Millie Cox, Weiser
Kim Mason, Twin Falls
Mel Eggleston, Boise
Ray Parsons, Boise
Chris Jancik, Twin Falls
Les Priest, Pocatello
Jack Jones, Weiser
Rick Spencer, Blackfoot

We recognize and thank the many others who, while not official charter members, made great contributions in the start-up years to help provide the foundation for what USRI is today.