Idaho's Automotive Lobbying Organization

Welcome USRI members and friends

USRI is a group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of automotive related hobby interests, for the entire State of Idaho, through lobbying with the legislature and other political entities and encouraging the exchange of information related to our hobby. This Organization was formed in 1979 when fifteen concerned individuals met to discuss problems for “street rodding” and other uses of classic and older vehicles. It was decided at that time to form an organization dedicated to help maintain and expand the interests expressed by the individuals who own these types of vehicles.

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Why you should be a member of United Street Rods of Idaho?


If you have read what USRI has done for the automotive industry (mainly street rods and classic cars) you must realize that we have done a lot to help keep our sport active and legal. From specialized license plate laws, to the ability to run a fenderless hiboy have been some of our major accomplishments. We also monitor Legislative activity that may have a bad impact on our sport and lobby with the Legislature to insure they do not pass laws that will adversely affect us.

What does that mean to the average car person? The answer is simple. You get better representation in the Legislature by having large numbers of members; and the larger the voice the more impact can help with the cause. We are not a car club in the normal sense, but rather represent all car clubs and automotive enthusiasts in the State of Idaho to help with our interests. Nearly every year, someone attempts to introduce a bill in the Legislature that will have a negative impact on our sport. USRI has always been at the forefront in meeting the challenge to insure bad proposals are defeated and that bills are passed to help with our cause and interests.

The question has often been asked: “Why should I join a street rod organization?” While our title has street rod in it, we actually support all street rod, classic, and restored automotive interests. We don’t just focus on street rods. We thought about changing our name, but everyone knows us as we are, and frankly nobody has come up with a better name to call this organization.

Annual dues are only $10.00 per year. This includes several informative mail outs throughout the year as well as the Schedule of Events which lists the upcoming car shows, cruises, and related activities in Idaho and some surrounding areas. The dues also go to pay for postage, computer equipment, printer, a fax machine, web service, and similar expenses to keep us current with technology. No officer in USRI derives any income from the dues. All the money is put back into the organization to insure we are up to date with the changes that affect any organization and to bring the word to our membership on a statewide basis. Officers are volunteers.

If you have any questions in this regard, please email or contact one of the current USRI officers. Our mailing address is also on all of our publications and we will be glad to discuss any related issues with you. Join us now!

USRI Membership Form


New applicants:
Annual membership fee – $12.00

Enclose your annual $12.00 fee, complete the USRI Membership Form, and send it to the Secretary/Treasurer. Your prompt submissions will help us with record keeping. We appreciate your membership.