Titling of Vehicles in Idaho

(You may want to keep a copy of these in your glove box)

What to do, and who to contact:

Nothing is more frustrating than putting countless hours into a street rod, classic, or restored vehicle only to find out that you cannot register or use that vehicle because you don't have a clear title or some related problem exists. Be assured that answers are available, and the best advice anyone can give you is to work with the people who will be involved in the titling process, from the outset of a project, to make sure you can get a title and enjoy that vehicle in the future.

Assume that you go to a swap meet and find a good project car body, buy it and bring it home. Weeks later you find a frame, or decided to construct a custom frame for that car. First thing to do is to save all your receipts. Get receipts for everything you buy for that vehicle. If you get a title with that body, that is fine, but if the title numbers don't match the frame numbers, it won't work, and eventually you will have to get new numbers issued from the State of Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) for title clearance. When you get the components of the vehicle you are building (body, frame, fenders, engine, transmission, etc.), call ITD in your area and talk to an inspector about your project. They can tell you what else you might need, and will document the file so they have a record of what is going on. This will save you a lot of frustration when it comes time for final titling and registration. Remember, you cannot get registered to drive your vehicle without a clear title.