Single License Plate Laws

(You may want to keep a copy of these in your glove box)

Idaho Code Title 49-406, 406A, 49-407, and 49-408

(From SENATE BILL 1090)

Effective January 1, 1998

on vehicles registered under Idaho Code sections:

This law may not apply to vehicles used for daily transportation - just occasional use as defined under:

Idaho Code, Section 49-401, 401A, and 49-406A
(Idaho Classic - 30 years old and mfg. after Jan 1, 1943)

Idaho Code, Section 49-406
(Idaho Old Timer - Manufactured prior to Jan 1, 1943)

Idaho Code, Section 49-407
(Year of Manufacture - 30 years or older)

Idaho Code, Section 49-408
(Street Rod - pre 1949 modified vehicles - no limited use)

Make your vehicle legal to drive without a front license plate. Register under one of these programs and you do not have to display a front plate (some limited use). Take advantage of it and be legal.